History of Craft & Tradition
Master clothier Hans Grohe (1871-1955) is an innovator. In 1899, he moved from Luckenwalde near Berlin to the small Black Forest town of Schiltach. For broad segments of the German population, it was still sheer luxury to have their own bathroom up until the mid-20th century. Hans Grohe considered the shower an affordable alternative to the bath. It was part of the product selection in his metal pressing plant from the outset. In the decades to come, he devoted himself passionately and painstakingly to developing his showers further. In doing so, he proved that he had a good nose for business – and shaped shower culture far beyond the borders of the Black Forest.

From 1928, Hans Grohe’s handshower became a convenient alternative to the then customary overhead shower. Hans Grohe became a shower specialist and pioneer for the German sanitation industry. For many decades, his craftsmanship and design set the trends. Even as an 82-year old, this visionary invented something trendsetting: the wallbar, to which the handshower can be attached at the desired height. Today, it is a common fixture in bathrooms all over the world – in 1953 it was a stroke of bathroom genius.

Hansgrohe's Mission
Hansgrohe has a very noteworthy mission.  They strive and have accomplished to get the highest quality products through technical expertise.  Hansgrohe’s operation linking to enviormentally friendly products and manufacturing methods are second to none.  Their operation flows smoothly because of their qualified specialist, and grade A customer service.  They have the highest standards for all the points mentioned, and have achieved there goals and missions through the outstanding success they have achieved world wide because of their outstanding skills in the market. 

Around 80% of Hansgrohe production takes place in Southern Germany – in a total of five plants in Schiltach and Offenburg. This despite the fact that Hansgrohe achieves around 80% of its sales revenue abroad. The question is, why does a company with a broad international base still produce in Germany – when it would seem to be more cost-effective to produce all over the world? The answer from the Black Forest is: because we count on German expertise and offer our customers a guarantee of quality.
Man and environment are the central focus of Hansgrohe quality management. The company upholds its quality guarantee by means of consistent quality management. Made in Germany has always been Hansgrohe’s recipe for success. For more than 100 years, the bathroom professionals from the Black Forest have only used high-quality materials, and undertaken research and development in a trendsetting way – all as a matter of course. Finally, Hansgrohe considers your health, safety and well-being more important than anything else.



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