History of Craft & Tradition
More than sixty years ago, Aloys F. Dornbracht, who was 57 years old at the time, and his son Helmut were working until five o'clock in the afternoon for other firms so that they could then use their wages to set up their own business in an old shack in Iserlohn. Evening after evening, they stood at the workbench, filing and polishing the first Dornbracht patent - a totally new fitting with an extending spout. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit to take risks and welcome change still determines the success of this family-run company. In six decades Dornbracht has become the global market leader in premium fitting plumbing production and has exerted considerable influence over the cultural importance of design, architecture and technology in bathrooms all around the world.

Dornbracht's MIssion
As a leading manufacturer in the premium segment of the plumbing market, Dornbracht’s mission is to represents the ultimate in reliability and value. Customers rightly associate every product from Iserlohn with the promise of documented quality of manufacture and exclusivity. Dornbracht also puts the premium brand aspiration in a far broader context. As both the driving force and patron of a constant, artistic debate on the subject of water, the Iserlohn-based company has gained an innovative insight into bathroom and kitchen environments – and has derived numerous product ideas from this. The Dornbracht brand is now a symbol for knowledge and cultural inspiration covering every aspect of the element of water.

Dornbracht prides itself in its high quality, impeccably designed plumbing goods.   Dornbracht fittings, such as the classic 'Tara' design, have been copied many times, nothing has ever achieved such creative and functional durability. The products, fittings, accessories, and systems such as the new 'Ambiance Tuning Technique' are unique and irreplaceable. Electroplating – which has always been the most important added-value process in the production of premium products – was fundamentally redesigned in 2009 and 2010, and is now one of the most modern production systems in the world for gold, platinum and chrome finishes. Dornbracht claims that the electroplating robots are capable of giving a perfect finish to even the most complex of components, with minimal waste. As Matthias Dornbracht, the Managing Director responsible for Production, Logistics and Purchasing puts it, "Not a single millimeter, not a single radius is changed for the sake of increasing the number of items manufactured per unit of time." Production takes second place to design. This is another quality factor as far as Dornbracht and the interior design world is concerned.  "We represent a consistently high standard and provide the highest quality of manufacturing", says Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht, and points out that this is possible only because the family-run company still produces 100% of its products in Germany. Dornbracht represents quality that is 'Made in Germany'. 



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